My Summer hot spots in Silkeborg

The weather has been amazingly amazing for almost a month in my nature friendly city Silkeborg.

The sun has been shining unstoppable and the heat is turnt up dot com .

I can officially say that the Danish h e a t” is having a rant raging as high as 30 degrees.

The girls and I spent a lot of time in the garden exploring wild flowers, prancing about with their water slides and them pretending to be mermaids ..

Close your eyes and make wish my girls said.

Apart from exploring and having fun in our garden we’ve also visited few of our favorite hangout spots in Silkeborg.

Almindsø / Almind Lake

Almindsø which is located in Silkeborg is one of Denmark’s cleanest and largest lake.

Its also divided into two sections East and West.

We normally visits the west sides because the girls said it’s closer to home.

Aqua Aquarium & Zoo

is also located in my city Silkeborg and not only is it family-friendly it’s also a discovery centre that features northern Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium and a nature park with wild native Danish animals.

Its also has one of the best water park for kids.

My girls peek of the day after visiting Aqua is always the water park.

The small fish / Den små fisk

is located between Silkeborg and a small town named Sejs.

The small fish is known for their wonderful nature and also one of the best family friendly spot with range of activities, including sailing, camping, swimming etc.

Silkeborg bad and The artificial lake is our old time favourite hang out spot for more info about these two spots just click on the links🔗 below 👇🏽

Summer drink

My top of the peek summer drink this year is Somersby blue berry like am always a Wine or Water Mamma but this refreshing drink is now on my list.

Not only does this drink has a place in my hands, it also has a place on my tastebuds.

What’s your favorite summer drink?

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