Niceno is a Jamaican and  proud Mamma of three amazing bilingual and mixed race girls  that reside in Denmark.

During her years in Denmark not only was it possible for her to embark in the Danish cultures and traditions but she was also blessed to meet other Mothers from different races, ethnicities, cultures, tradition, religion etc. across the globe, which has helped to widen her knowledge and understanding in their countries.

This has inspired  Niceno to build a platform that can be used to highlight  traditions, cultures, motherhood, ethnicities, parenthood, lifestyles and how to survive in Denmark as a foreign mamma.

This Island Mamma also confesses that moving from Jamaica to Denmark has been a challenge for her, like learning a new language, being married to another culture, motherhood and not to mention coping with the weather in one of the coldest Nordic country.

With all those challenges she is still coping and would like to share her journey into the Danish society and how she manages to rise above few bumps along the way.