Kale Nyabo


One of the thing I enjoy doing whenever my husband has the girls is to visit places that takes me away from my Mamma duties and just allows me to enjoy life away dem kiddies for few hours or less.

 I love being with  them but some days this Mamma just need to see and hang around with adults and enjoy adult things at times.


I was lucky enough to attend an African festival in Århus which is the second largest city in Denmark.

I’ve always wanted to attend this event but the dates never fits in with my Husband’s schedule so I was one happy Mamma when is actually fit into his schedule this time.

 The event was organised by one of my Sista from a another Mista.


She is also the owner at “Yves Afro events” and the founder @Reach out for a Child”

For more info about my African sissy who is also a culture and lifestyle enthusiast feel free to visit her website Yves Afro Event

The event was held at a botanical garden and even though the weather was not well behaved it did not dampened the participants mood at all.

They just open their umbrella with a huge smile and get on with it

The main focus of the festival was basically highlighting and introducing African cultures, traditions in the form of food, music, fashion etc.

My personal peek of the event was meeting the Kale Nyabo team and Mama-Essi who is the founder and operator of Touch of Africa.

Kale Nyabo was born from the team’s desire to promote the Ugandan culture while contributing to the development of small communities.


The word “KALE NyABO” means “Thank you Madam” in the Ugandan local language and represents the message of what the artisans wanted to transit through their work.

I did purchase a pair of earrings and bracelet that is 💯% handmade in Uganda usually by groups of single mothers who are using their talent and patience as the only source of income for their families.

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Each purchase one makes goes towards a child getting an education.

For more information about the Kale NyABO team or wanting to purchase one of the amazing handmade jewellery or other products. you can visit their website, https://www.etsy.com/shop/KaleNyabo .

Touch of Africa is founded and operated by -Mama-Essi, – She is originally from the west coast of Africa in Côte d’Ivoire .

Her up bringing and schooling has been in France and Denmark and has now lived in Denmark for several decades.

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Designer, stylist and cultural events is something she has always thought of seeing that it’s something she has dealt with and is currently dealing with.

For years, she has organized multi-cultural events in North Jutland.

Touch of Africas Design is mostly women’s clothing product in Denmark, and consist of 15% raw material that is imported from Africa.


The idea African “Print”, is a mix and “Touch” of Scandinavia that is used as inspiration for her clothing line. 

To get in touch with Mama-Essi and learn more about her passion for Touch of Africa designs and upcoming events one can do so on her Facebook page .


If you are not a Facebook user but an Instagram user no worries you can also find and follow her there @ #Touchofafricaofficielle &Touch of Africa Design.

At the moment Mama-Essi’s website is under construction and will be up and running AsAp!


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