Hello 40 πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ’«

One would think that after living in Denmark for quite awhile, I would have mastered all the Danish traditions and culture but β€œn o p e” I am still learning.

The other day I celebrated my 40th birthday and here in Denmark a round birthday means everything and definitely has to be celebrated.

My classmates ensure that such tradition was kept despite loads of assignments and exam that’s around the corner.

My 40th birthday was a bank holiday here in Denmark so the surprised party was held the last day before our class went for holiday.

To be honest I was not expecting a surprised party at all eventhough I decided to bring a traditional birthday cake to all my classmates, which is a tradition I was introduced to after moving to Denmark.

If one has a birthday and is working or studying its traditional to take a cake or some famous Danish rundstykke

After We sang the tradition Danish birthday song, it was time to cut the Danish cake or kage kone but I had to cut the head of the cake whilst everyone screams …

Well as one said .! It’s never too late to learn and eventhough am 40 am still learning..

Have you ever heard about this tradition before?

How does one celebrate a round Birthday in your country?

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