Kindness ‘tis the Season!

Around the world most people are able to celebrate this festive season with the one that meant a lot to them, but what about that one person or two that’s lonely?

One of our family tradition during this festive season is allowing the girls to visit an elderly home of their choice.

For us it’s very important to teach them that Christmas is not about receiving but also giving.

I also want them to know that there are few persons, whose not privileged to have their loved ones around, due to circumstances beyond their control and that we can help to make them smile during this time of year.

As Ron Kenoly said in one of his song …

Give and it will come back to you

Good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over


Happy Holidays from Me and Mines to you and Yours….

Do you have a special Christmas tradition(s)?

4 thoughts on “Kindness ‘tis the Season!

  1. Wow, this is so cool idea! I loved spending time with an grandparents (they were cooler than children), and I became gentle person. 🙂 Can’t help it!

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