Saint Lucia

There are some traditions, holidays etc here in Denmark that I am trying to digest… because to be honest sometimes I can’t even pronounce the name of that tradition…yet to understand the reason for that particular tradition …..

My oldest daughter is a member of Girl Scout and they’ve celebrated one of the Danish tradition called “Sankta Lucia day or Saint Lucia Day.

Here in Denmark Saint Lucia’s Day is also called the Feast of Saint Lucia.

It is a Christian feast day that’s celebrated on 13th December…

The day is mostly celebrated by children that either attends primary, kindergarten, pre-school, scouts and clubs.

The children would visits Churches, Elderly homes,Recreational centers and schools and sing the traditional Saint Lucia Song!

Their attire for the celebration is long white gown/dress along with lighted candles..

The oldest child of the group would be the one that carries 4 lighted candles crown on his / her head …

Have you ever heard of Saint luciaday before?

If you have never… here is a link with the song for you to enjoy …

7 thoughts on “Saint Lucia

  1. Just beautiful! I think it’s such a special tradition. I never knew why one would wear the crown with the candles. Thank you for sharing!


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