Sunday Funday

Today We visited one of our favourite lake, “Den Kunstige Sø/The artificial lake.

This lake is located in Silkeborg, which is a nature friendly City.

The girls had loads of fun chasing each other around the lake and also into the forest exploring as per usual!

The weather was lovely as well .. despite the fact that it was freezing but everyone was dressed for the cold weather!

The artificial lake has always been one of our favourite spot and like always has never disapoints.

There is alway something to see, understand, learn, and explore especially when it involes nature!

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Said Albert Einstein I must admit, this is so true!

I would definitely advice everyone that can to spend 15 minutes or more into nature once a week and I promise that you will feel refresh and renewed.


Always remember to live and enjoy your life as long as you can.

Life is to short for “what if, Would have, could have and should have!

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