Eight year old Party!

Am finally able to prance around the bedroom like a little girl that was given the opportunity to sleep over at her best friend….

Why? Because finally I was able to host my 8 year old daughter birthday party that includes 20 kids …..

I must confess that it was not easy but I am so great full for my village..I now realized that an eight year old party should not be anything like a 5 or 3 year old birthday party that includes most of my crazy extra accessories….

This 8 year old girl of mine knows exactly what she wanted .. to honest though it was not a lot 😂

But this daughter has more opinions combined with attitude that would irritates even a mosquito…..

The theme she wanted for her birthday party was “Moana” because her best friend told her she resembles the girl that played Moana in the film.

Leading up to the party the entire house was forced to watched the movie over and over again as well as listening to the soundtrack for a billion time.

I must say though the songs are pretty dope but I can’t tell that to an eight year old … when I was in Mamma mode ….

whilst taking orders from her and listening to all of her “I don’t want this for my party I need this” just like a chu chu 🚂.

All she wanted was a Moana cake, Moana outfit, popcorn, slush ice and some cinnamon rolls and the party should held at one of her favorite indoor family entertainment centre, Gi Den Gas Palads.

Luckily the location is just few minutes from our home.

This is also one of our favorite family entertainment centre and also where I held almost all my girls birthday party .

The staff members are very friendly and helpful the best thing is that if you happens to be busy as myself and aren’t able to do most of the planning they are able to help with almost everything for the party such as cake, party meal, decorations etc!

I can now relax until it’s time to organize a next birthday party!

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