Our Visit to the Kunstcentret

Over the weekend the FamBam and I visited one of our favorite spot kunst centret/ art center Silkeborg Bad that is located in our lovely and nature friendly city Silkeborg.

It’s was also a very special occasion for Art Center/kuntcentret because it was their 25th jubilæum/jubilee and everyone was invited to join in the Folkefest/celebration during the weekend.

To be honest being bored was so not an option for my FamBam as well as for everyone else that attended the celebration.

There were loads of activities for children and adults/parents.

Seeing that my girls are within 3-7 age range we kinda stick to activities that compliments their age and of course reduces the sibling bickering as much as possible like “O M G” having 3 screaming sibling in public is worst than a headless hangover chicken 😂😂

So the girls first activity kick off with them drawing or showing one of the skill they got from their mamma.

Part of the celebration at the art museum was allowing the kids to show off their artistic side by drawing something that lives under the sea.

The other activity that we enjoyed was us prancing around like some headless chickens trying to step on logs that was fastened in the ground.

Then we took a little tour into nature as well ..

During our walk we were greeted with few beautiful towels/håndklæder that was almost everywhere….. few were also up for sale.

I think in total there were 249 towels representing the amount of exhibitions that has been hosted at art center during their 25th year of existence.

There were also my favorite spot in the forest “street food spot” ..

welp if you know me .. then you are well aware that my middle name is “f o o d i e” not to mention one had street food in a forest .. My wish is that it could be there permanently..

after having few American hotdogs and has to tolerate my undecided 🤷🏽‍♀️ girls at the food stalls we then stop to listen to the mayor of silkeborg speech.

but dem girls of mine were not having it so we move along to admire few art pieces with the theme “F a c e s”

‘Twas quite admirable but the girls wanted to have more outdoor fun that includes jumping around …

After loads of jumping around then it was time to admire few outdoor sculptures

such as my stone face guy and the blue guy that likes to spray everyone wet that comes too close to him.. or my three year called him the “Blue water man”

Over all it was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed themselves .

Plus it was an honor to be apart of the 25th celebration.

På gensyn/See You soon Art Center.

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