Summer Highlights

Omg I can’t believe my Summer vacay with the kiddies has Kissed me on the cheek and said good bye for now!

Tearing up with back to reality or as we say in Jamaica “free Paper bun” meaning the fun had ended ….. for now of course.

It’s been a week since the girls started School and pre-School and a month from now my bootah will be on the school bench too… any whooo dont want to think about that just now… the thought just makes me wanna catch up on the sleep I’ve missed out on after becoming a Mamma to three adorable Mixed Blessing…… 

The girls first Summer in Denmark was amazingly spent well minus the few siblings bickering and fights but I guess that’s the epitome of siblings right?

We had loads of fun but not so much “fun in the Sun” because Mr Sun aka “My baby Daddy” was missing few times here in Denmark…..

But as you know a Mamma always finds a way to put a smile on her  kiddies face…

So making use of what ever sunshine came our way was aright …… nothing was gonna rain on our parade well except the raindrops haha 

if you have some kiddies like mine that is more energized than a bunny then these summer highlights might  help to make your next Summer holiday an unforgettable one like ours!

OPS my girls are within the age of 3 to 7 and they are outdoor and nature addicts?

So most of our Summer were spent outdoor!

The most important thing for us was to make sure they were excited for the activities we suggested and that they were able to participate.

Because most time us parents can plan an activity that we are so excited about but it’s nothing for the Child/Children to take part in …. then we often end of with a miserable toddler/pre-teen

The best part with the activities, we choose for the girls was that they also decreases the bickering and siblings rivalry which was superb for us .

To top it off as well… the girls were very happy to part take in all activities despite the weather.

Our first highlight was visiting the aquarium that is in our city Silkeborg.

The girls had loads of and my husband and I could relax abit as well as partake in the activities too.

We asked the girls what they enjoyed most after visiting the aquarium…

Their response was “playing and touching the fishes after they were fed.

But their most unforgettable moment was the outdoor activities. 

Apart from the fishes…said my 5 years old daughter.

The play ground is in the forest and it  had so many activities so  no one was able to argue over an activity because the girls knew their inner strength so that helped them to choose the  activities that compliments their strength..

Apart from the forest playground the water activity was the hit too .. like honestly I always choose that activity for last especially for the fact that my girls are ocean babies and water brings out that side of them in less of a second!

Their love for water/ocean is like a secret mermaids and just with one drop of water their mermaid tails comes alive …

So saving the water activity had to be last and yasssssss it was much fun in the sun because my baby Daddy..Mr Sunshine happens to stop by that day!

Our second Hightlight of our summer holiday was visiting Søndervig a little tourist attraction in a small town called Ringkøbing …the city is known for its sand sculpture, lovely beach and holiday homes .

Along with few outdoor activities for children but the hit for our girls were the trampoline or according to the girls it’s the flying trampoline because they were able to hop so high .. and they almost touched the sky.

Søndervig is one of our “to go place” We visit there a lot but during winter so it was nice to see it during summer.

The day we visited I guess my baby Daddy was upset with us because he did not even gave us a pocket of sunshine but we did manage have some fun and as always, it was not a problem at all for the girls as long as they were able to fly in the sky and played around at the Beach.

Our third highlight was a visit to the largest limestone mine in the world and admittedly it was an honour to taste that piece of Denmark’s history with the entire family and for the fact that few children movies the watched were filmed there …

They had fun just walking, exploring and chasing each other around but the train they also enjoyed the most!

One could either get to the tunnel by walking🚶or to enjoy 😊 a ride on the mine train 🚂 and yasssss we choose the “t r a i n”

The next highlight was our visit to the circus the girls were super duper excited because the participants were from their favourite TV show.

It was also their first time visiting a circus 

I was very nervous though because that day my husband was not able to join us but I’ve managed the three girls surprisingly.

After the show the question was “Mamma When is our next visit to the cirkus?”

The last but not least highlight was a trip to Tivoli in Aarhus and omg My baby Daddy was missing in action dot com….. like the sunshine was no where to be found!

But that did not stopped the fun at all ….

The girls enjoyed their favourite activities, such as sailing, driving playing around and the day ended with a lovely kids shows

Eventhough it rained miserably the girls had their rain gear and I think that we were more nervous about the weather than they were…..

We did alot more during the girls  summer break from pre-School and School but as mentioned these are our highlight or  peek of the holiday!

How was your Summer Holiday?

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