Ding Dong school out!

The Summer  holiday has officially started for the girls, Which meant activating three strong willed siblings that can be best defined as my bickering squad 

Sometimes finding activities for them was some what a challenge because their personalities is larger than their shoe size and not to mention, its their first summer holiday in denmark as well but the Hubster and I managed to activate them with few activities that matched their demands and decreased the sibling rivalries.

They are super duper adventurous so we started their first week with with loads of outdoor activities and because we were blessed with more than a pocket of sunshine that we were more than 110% thankful for because sunny days equal fun in the sun ☀️ 

My wish is that the weather remains like this during their entire summer holiday fingers cross.


One thing I might add is that summer here in Denmark sometimes can behave like winter but I won’t “rain on the Danish summer parade” so early not sure if “rain” should be used in this sentence haha because it rained so hard already I was wondering if Mr Sun would stop by.

Anyways Mr Sun did indeed stopped by and we did manage to make use of his super duper sunshine ☀️ that he came with so a huge round of applause 👏🏽 to Mr Sun.

The first thing we did was to take the girls to one of their favourite lake in our city know as the “Den Kunstige Sø” or the artificial lake.

 One of the reason its one of our favourite is for the fact that the girls enjoys spending time in the water and its quite huge and not so deep.

The girls had fun playing hopping splashing and of course abit of bickering, but was replaced with few grins and continuous splashes and unstoppable playing around, at one point I was wondering if they would ever get out of the water.

The second activity was allowing them to play with their water slide in the garden amongst other activities.

The good thing about our backyard is that once the weather is lovely spending a day or two in our backyard is so not a bad thing.

We went sailing ….after which followed by gathering by the firepit where they made pancake and snorbrød which by the way is very popular in denmark

Like you cant own a fire pit and never tried  the snorbrød here in Denmark.

The third outdoor activity was strawberries picking at Annexgården farm🍓

Admittedly they enjoyed every minute of picking strawberries and were so proud of their hard work 😓 said my first born.

My youngest said she really enjoyed picking the strawberries too but I think it was because she was  busy eating the strawberries more than how she  picked them.

Their fourth activity was visiting an Aquarium that is located in our city so that was awsome especially for the fact that I did not have to drive more than an hour or two.

To be honest am never a huge fan of roadtrips… I’d rather book a flight but with kids road trips are a must but obviously the Hubster has to drive.

Aqua Silkeborg is my first born’s favourite place to visit and she did manged to convinced us into getting a membership card 

She is such a “sucker for nature, fishes and the wildlife”!

Aqua Silkeborg was lovely to visit on that particular day as well because there was a concert for children and it  will continue for the entire summer so of course that will be on our to do summer list.

The fifth activity was a trip to our summer house and of course they enjoyed every minute by going sailing.

Apart from sailing, my little angel was busy  exploring, which is always something she  enjoyed doing.

The Fifth activity  was a visit into nature.

The most amazing thing is that most of the forest is located at our door step.

So a walk into nature has to be a must despite the weather.

So far so good right…….?

Welp let’s  hope we manage to activate them for the other weeks ahead but until then …

Cheers to you and I hope you are enjoying every second of your summer holiday 

Psssst can you please share some of your Summer activities in the comment? I am always open to trying new activities and thanks 🙏🏽 in advance….

3 thoughts on “Ding Dong school out!

  1. Great job well done mama for finding activities, as it’s not easy when the summer holidays are too long and the weather not always promising..
    Here with my adult kiddo, we’re doing our best..:


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