The girls had a mini holiday from school and pre-school the other day and staying home to activate them was not an option so instead, We visited Wow-Park that is created/built in the heart of a forest with the love and respect for nature.


Wow-park is situated in a little town called Skjern that is located in West Jutland.

West Jutland is known for having some of the most beautiful nature in Denmark. 

As one enters the park you are literally greeted or welcome by nature.

What I like about Wow-park is that one’s adrenaline can be felt from challenging yourself with different kinds of activities for the entire family and it’s πŸ’―% of organic fun and activities.

 Because most of Wow-park’s activities is created in the forest it allows ones mind to feel refreshed and renewed, while allowing your mind to become adventurous and renewed.

My girls were so not afraid of getting physical when it comes down to trying or getting involves with any of the activities at all!

I think it’s was also for the fact that all the activities allows them to challenge their inner abilities which plays a part in creating unforgettable memories 

for them as well as allowing them to realized how far they can use their muscles to stimulate their inner strength.

I truly adores the fact that wow-park has the equipments and facilities and the best part is that everyone can part take .

The next best thing is that apart from the activities …

Wow-park also provides an area for the entire family to bar-b-que, picnic or just to hygge with your Family or Friends!

The word “h y g g e” in Danish means cozy and Wow-park does provides that hygge or cozy atmosphere!

At Wow-park being bored is not an option because there is always something to be curious about!

The Maze or in Danish labyrint was somewhere I tried so much to avoid at Wow-park because the girls would ignores the trails and instead decides to chase eachother all over the place.

I managed to get out of the Maze at one point but then my youngest managed to get back inside and  decided to play hide and seek …

Whilst she yells “M a m m a” over her!

After leaving Wow-park I was exhsusted but it was worth it and the girls were very excited about returning to School and pre-School to share their adventurous day that was spent at Wow-park!

Until then Vi ses Wow-Park or See you Wow-park

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