Organic Day at Sepstrup Farm!

The other day the girl and I visited an organic farm in a small town called   Sepstrup, outside of Silkeborg to watch 130 cows get on the grass after they have been staying in a shed since November due to the winter here in Denmark…

So April is always when they would leave the shed and return in November.
Sepstrup Vestergaard is owned by Bjarne, Linda and their three children.

Their farm has been organic since 1996. 

The theme for the Day was organic day or in Danish Økodag.

There were loads of activities for child/children and adults.

but the the weather was so windy and freezing cold.

So the girls were not motivated to partake in most of the activities.
But the few activities we were able to do before watching the cows were making pancake and snobrød.

The snobrød is a Danish tradition that is basically wrapping a small amount of dough that is made with flour, water, salt and dried yeast! around a stick and place it into the middle of the fire pit.

The snobrød was always a fun and enjoyable activity that girls and I always enjoyed but due to wind and smoke it was not alot of fun but hey we tried .

After the pancake and snobrød the girls the Hay  has always been a huge hit for the girls.
Being excited about the Hay was normal despite the wind! We did enjoy few laugh together on that hay though!

To be honest though the Hay was almost everyone’ favourite that day despite the weather forecast!

Apart from the Hay  the nedx activity we  did was cheese tasting.

Baby Abby did enjoyed that cheese from Them Øst/cheese 🧀 as one can tell  by that little tea finger of her.

With all dem activities and our final feast!

Then is was time to see the the cows and boy O boy was it alot people waiting to see then

Make you wanna sing 🎶 who let the cows out? mo mo mo moooooo

‘Twas a lovely windy and cold day but hey it’s Denmark 🇩🇰!

The weather is unpredictable… who knows it might even snow in August!

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