Back to reality!

After days of prancing around in the gardens like a bunny Rabbits with the girls and  searching for eggs now its back to making lunch box and waking the kiddies up for school and delivering them into my pjs with my eyes particially open due to lack of sleep.

Note to thyself putting your eggs into one basket only works during Easter and for egg hunting!

Twas fun whilst it last though ……

To be honest I was never feeling the Easter festivities at all due to the undecided weather forecast that was happening in my city. Like I almost cancelled our annual Easter egg hunting! 

The forecast was like playing hop scotch to be exact!

Abit of snow, rain, cloud etc …..,,,,,

After hours of me stalking the weather forecast I’d decided to go through with the egg hunt!

Especially so my last Angel could enjoy the experience of egg hunting for the first time.

Now that she is abit older and Independent so lifting her across the garden was not an option this year.

She was busy finding her own eggs.

My two oldest Angels were also anticipating the moment of egg hunting  because the person that finds the most eggs would be rewarded with a huge chocolate bunny!

My oldest Angel is always winning and being  competitive is her middle name.

So she worked as hard as possible to find almost all the eggs!

Little did she knew that her second sister was double competitive as her and was the one that found the most eggs!

She was a very proud sister but I think she was more excited about winning that chocolate bunny!

None the less all the girls had fun and was pleased and my youngest Angel had her experience as well as along with a chocolate bunny too!

My oldest daughter thinks an Easter is not an Easter  without her decorating the egg tree!

This egg tree was something I knew about When I moved to denmark…

If you would like to know more about the Danish EasterPåske just follow this link!

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