The Easter magical garden

Friday was the last day of pre-school and school for the girls because it’s almost Easter.

Now the Easter/Påske activities has to come forth like all the Easter bunnies and eggs hunting business.

The weather was lovely but windy after I picked the two youngest girls from Pre-School. My oldest daughter went to a Birthday party which meant I had to figure out an activity for two curious bunnies.

I also wanted to do an outdoor activity because they adores being outside regardless of the weather forecast.

The wind had nothing on my girls anyhow.

Once I mentioned “let’s go outside!”Shoes Jacket or no Jacket the two girls opened that door and bounced.

I told them that we were going to make an Easter magical garden using  Jelly beans!

There was alot of excitement and curiousities that comes with loads of questions from my two little Cute chatterbox.
Magical garden with jellybeans why jelly beans and not plants Mamma?

“Because its almost Easter girls and in the Morning the jelly beans will turn into candies!” that response did not stop my chatterbox at all ……
“Oh wow”!

said my number and then came  a next question! Mamma does this mean that I can have a candy in the morning from the magical garden?

Yes love so lets start digging .. My youngest had to join in as well with her cheeky questions. “Mamma so jelly beans I get will too?” with a huge grin!


Yes love..

They dug their holes  without any hesitation and afterward they placed the  jelly beans in happily!

Choosing their favorite color was very important for them, said my middle daughter because she did not want her sister to get her candies 🍭 talk about siblings love right?

After their beans were covered I placed name tags at each holes!

By doing this they can easily remember where their jelly beans were placed and it diffused the bickering as well!

All was planted or buried and turned into candies the next day!

I woke up very early the next morning and placed the candies in the garden before the girls woke up and boy o candies were they surprised!

They were allowed to take one candy and of course I had to hurry and pack away the rest …. with a suitable explanation!

That left everyone feeling happy!

It was my first time doing this activity with the girls and I must say it will be on my Easter activities list for next Easter.

Happy Easter or in Danish God Påske everyone!

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