Sunday Funday

Over the weekend the weather forecast was amazing like blue sky and more blue sky!

Our Saturday was spent  in the back yard with the girls and our Sunday was used to Explore  the “the artificial lake” or in danish “Den kunstige sø…..Feeling like we are related to Dora the explorer haha 

The aritificial lake is situated in the middle of the forest in a little town Resenbro which is east of Silkeborg.

Relaxing and reflecting is something I treasured alot and whenever I can do both is something I appreciate alot.


The girls had fun and maybe too much fun but then again, they are nature babies!

My oldest enjoyed finding and exploring plants in the forest as perusual …

Whenever she is not exploring plants, she is gathering  snails!

My number two daughter was so proud of herself for discovering her own Island ….as she stood on her Island and yell…

Mamma look I found my Island! Please take my picture!

The girls met Monica at the lake we and boy o boy! were they excited to meet her!

One of the reason is that we are thinking about getting them one maybe not a size like Monica but not 💯% certain because, we are still missing our beloved #Nelly the 🐱 that passed away almost two months ago….

But it was lovely to watched them interacting with a new pet! :

Abbygail’s fascination into the forest was the dust from the cutting trees and of course her #Barbie has to experience nature with her too.

Luckily my city Silkeborg is the epitome of lakes and Nature, so locating a lake without using a navigation or google map app is always my cup of tea.

There is no greater gift for me but to enjoy nature with the ones you loves the most!

Alexandra and Abbygail were  pleased that they were allowed to wet their feet into the water eventhough it was not warm enough but with these two sisters am not surprised.

They are such besties at times until one has a toy the other wants! then its world war 10 happening.

As my mother-in-law says .. its siblings love!

It’s was an amazing Sunday Funday and of course we will visit again very soon!

Here is an extra video of the “artificial lake” 


Oh the word Sø is lake in English!

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