The new Rema 1000

So today it’s raining more than cats and dogs here in Silkeborg but the rain sure did not rain on the new Rema 1000 parade or did the wind think it would be funny to blow away one of the Danish flag that was placed on the side of the street to indicate the official opening of a new Supermarket in Funder!

Yass Yasss and more yassss the new Rema Supermarket is officially open today  not to mention this Supermarket is just is like three minutes by car from my home …. so that’s one of the reason am overly excited…… 

because I would normally drive like ten minutes or more to the nearest Rema 1000 just for shoppping but now all it takes is almost three minutes like hell yay hop in the car and shut the front door!

Off I go to my new Rema 1000.

The next reason I am so in love with 

Rema 1000 is for their baby wet wipes.

I  always go Gaga for them because they are made from 💯percent natural materials.

Which means I don’t have to think about perfume or allergies due to the fact that my girls has sensitive skin.

Rema 1000 is also known as one of the best Supermarket in Denmark… which is because they have the best reasonable discounts on all their food items amongst other goods and services they offer!

Being a Mamma with three girls looking for reasonable items to purchase is always my first priority .. because when it comes to spending I am always needle and thread.

REMA 1000 is a multinational no-frills supermarket chain owned entirely by the Reitan Group (Reitangruppen). 

REMA is a short for Reitan Mat (Reitan Food), referring to Odd Reitan (founder of the company). 

1000 refers to offering a selection of only one thousand different products, with their headquarters located in Oslo, Norway.

The chain is based on a franchised discount concept: buying large quantities of a limited range of products and offering these to semi-independent owners under their brand. 

In 2004, REMA 1000 includes 444 supermarkets spread around Scandinavia.

In Norway, the supermarket chain captured 17.5% (2004) of the total revenue by all Norwegian supermarkets, taking the lead over its closest rival RIMI.

As a kind gesture and showing their appreciation to all the customers that came and shop today one was offered a cup of coffee.

Also if one is a sausage lover .. test tasting of sausages to see which is ones favorite was also available…. 

The red sausage or Pølser in Danish is my the girls favorite with spaghetti!

One of the unique services that was offered today from the Funder gymnastic organisation was helping to pack the customers items.

Like wuhu right?

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