Oh hello Spring!

Let’s just say mother nature has finally given birth to spring in my city Silkeborg  and oh my gaga me, the girls and the entire Denmark is so enjoying every minute of it.

Mother nature’s  push present  from Mr Sun was loads of sunshine and blue sky!

Finally I can see clearly now that the rain has gone!

I had no idea this day would come … when I can actually enjoy a day … without the kids asking me, why it’s raining so much in spring?

Seeing that nature is just at our fingertips, whenever the sun is out the girls thinks it’s best to visit one of their favorite lake … De smΓ₯ fisk! lake.

Luckily it’s just a five minutes drive from our home to that lake because.. the next option would be to build a house or better yet .. live in a tent as suggested by the girls!

Due to our frequent visits…,,,,,,

To be honest am not surprised about how much these girls adores the ocean… after all their  Mamma is Jamaican and the ocean was my therapist…. it did not matter what time of the day or night! 

 If I need a session with my therapist am going to my therapist!

If one wants to know why they love the ocean so much!

It’s because they took it from their Mamma!

On top of that …. I don’t think my girls would function especially if they are not surrounded by the ocean

Especially my second daughter… even it’s snowing and we decides to go for a walk during the winter, in her head she thinks .. she is going for a swim….. that is how much she loves the ocean…

Apart was from soaking up some spring sunshine and activities into nature, over the weekend I attended the girls gymnastic show!

T’was quite lovely and of course all the parents were so excited to watch their adorable Angels performing for an entire audience

I was more than excited because my girls were performing for the very first time!

So this Mamma had loads of butterflies in my stomach but as always they did an awsome job! But worrying is like an accessory for me.

Their performance left me with some tear of joy drops from being uber happy and a proud Mamma.com


An ice cream was given to all the children after their performance and of course that was the peek of the day for girls 

My second daughter after receiving her ice cream thinks it was best to leave .. without waiting to watch her sister’s second performance….

Kids say the darnest things right?

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