When the Bun’s out the oven!

So I was asked to write a little excerpt about life in Denmark whilst on maternity leave. 

Most of us mothers can relate to how hard or challenging it can be to be a new mum. 

The deprivation of sleep, forgetting to take a shower, weight gain/loss, being harmonal, moody, living in a new country etc ….. 

Quite frankly all these issues can be downright daunting at times if not for the most part.

If you are used to having a small network, Then, We all know how hard it can be to meet people and establish friendships.

 But to meet people when you hardly leave the house with a new baby, well that’s just nearly impossible. 

Luckily there’s no reason to feel alone or out of the loop.

There are plenty of activities to participate in if you’re a first time (second,  third or plus more) mum.

You just have to pluck up the courage to get out there and think ‘I can do this’ and be a little bit gregarious around strangers. 

So here’s a little bit about what I’ve experienced in Silkeborg:

Typically, with first time pregnancies, you are grouped with other first time mothers-to- be in a ‘family entrepreneurs’ group, along with  your partner.

So you already have something in common with few Mums to be.

This lead into  a nice little group which we formed and subsequently met with every other week. 

We compared stories about our new little ‘guldklumper new born‘ and it was a nice way to share worries, questions and experiences about what we know and don’t know! 

We met at each other’s houses and chatted, drank tea/ coffee, ate buns and mostly talked about what our babies were up to.

I learned a lot from the local Mums and what’s out there to experience locally. 

Apart from the Mother group I also joined Babysalmesang/Baby hymns

Here’s what I have experienced during my time!

What is Babysalmesang?

This is a musical group for parents, grand-parents\Guardian and babies from approx 2-12 months.

 A few churches offer this activity and seeing that I have a huge appetite for diversity and short distance, I  joined the  Silkeborg kirke/Church and Mariehøjkirke/Church

The ‘musical leader’ plays instruments and sings songs to stimulate your baby visually, aurally and verbally. 

It’s set in inspiring surroundings for 45 minutes and encourages interaction with your baby. 

Afterwards you’re invited for refreshments and a hygge/cozy setting in the church hall. It’s a great way to meet new people and best of all, they’re almost always 95% living in the same city!

Which is a good idea to extend ones  network. 

Baby swimming is also another great activity for you and your baby.

 It stimulates and developes their movement in a lovely warm pool. 

Typically there’s 8-10 other babies with parents, so again, it’s a chance to get out and meet like-minded people. 

We sing songs and are given good advice by the trainers on how to hold your baby in the water and stimulate them. 

If you’re brave enough, they’ll talk you into dunking your baby so that he/she swims under the water to you. 

PS! Don’t be afraid, it’s all in the name of development!  

It’s all about what you make of it. Be brave and talk to other parents in the pool or changing room (even if you are completely naked) it’s completely normal so don’t be shy!

The next place I would recommend is the Silkeborg library….

The most adorable thing about Silkeborg children library is that it has a sections with a huge selections of great books for new born babies or as in Danish your “Guldklumper”  

 Apart from their huge selection of great books, a dressing- up box and play/ picnic area.

The library is also known  for meeting other parents!

There’s a lot more places, activities and many more out there!

Its just take ones curiosity like a new born baby!

Sometimes  the local newspapers or city website can be useful along with the new mothers, parents, Friends among other people you meet whilst your bun was in the oven or When the bun’s out the oven!


14 thoughts on “When the Bun’s out the oven!

  1. I loved doing all these activities with my babies. These are all great bonding experiences for you and your baby. Enjoy these times they go by so quickly.


  2. This seems like so much fun! I love getting together with other moms and being able to socialize with them while letting my little ones have some fun too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t get out much when my babies were little. Over the years it has gotten better and I’ve met some great friends along the way. Mom friends are great.

    Liked by 1 person

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