Just before the Clock strikes one!

If someone would asked “How was your weekend”?

My perfect answer would be “busier vs busiest ” that left me with a massive hangover that was caused by overly exhaustion and without alcohol!

But ironically I would never trade that weekend for another.

My Fri-yay started with twelve amazing Ladies that came to gather to celebrate one of my sissy from another missy surprised birthday dinner that I organized with the help and support of all her friends 

After having a night that was filled with laughters, food and not paying attention to what time it was or let’s just say I got home minutes before the clock strikes one!

I had to rush off to bed like a child, that had been chased by a spider πŸ•· because in couple hours I had to host a birthday party with thirty children within the age of four to five years!

But hoping to get few hours of sleep ended up with me just getting 30 mins of sleep instead.

My three years old daughter was woken up by few scary dreams and of course the first person she chosed to woke and share those dreams with was moi ..

So just imagine a mom that is sleep deprived and had to prepare a birthday party for thirty kiddies that attends pre-school and not to mention extra energized.

They were also preparing for this birthday party, from the very first time they received the invitation.

With the help of my village and my cranky and puffed up face due to lack of sleep, We did managed to give the birthday girl an amazing and hopefully an unforgettable party seeing that the “Hello Kitty” theme was her choice!

I hope that I dont have to repeat this theme again for the third time because funny enough this same theme was what I also used for my oldest When she was also five….

So now its just to wait and see what my next coming five year old daughter will choose When it’s her turn!


I can see that her independence comes quite natural, when it comes on to unpacking all her lovey presents!

Surpriseinly she was able to unpack all her gifts without yelling for me to help …

As the saying goes “good gifts comes in small packages.

Seeing that she has loads of small packages calling for “Mamma” will take awhile!

Love her to the moon and back and as the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” 

So shout out to my “village” on making my mixed Angel’s day an awsome one!

52 thoughts on “Just before the Clock strikes one!

  1. Hello Kitty was an all time little girl’s favorite feline character. They have an adorable collection of pink clothes, accessories, shoes and a lot more. They find Hello Kitty so adorable and no small kids didn’t get to wear any of Kitty’s clothes. Don’t be surprised if your next girl also chooses Hello Kitty as her party theme. lol Happy Birthday Kitty Natasia.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks like you were pretty busy this weekend! I think the party turned out great, I really like the details! Especially the little marshmallows!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a cute birthday party! My daughter used to love Hello Kitty, especially the pens. She now has moved on…thankfully, I got tired of seeing the Kitty everyday.


  4. Awww…this is too cute. Happy Birthday! I hope after all was done, you were able to get some sleep. Some weekends happen like this, but don’t make it a habit or your body will shut down. And us moms can’t afford to be in the bed during the day. lol who will find a missing sock?!


  5. Happy Birthday to your little. I did the Hello Kitty when my daughter turned two. Luckily she is the only girl s our themes are one and done.


  6. Happy Birthday to your Daughter! I know all about being the exhausted mama! You did a great job with the party!!!


  7. You had a very busy schedule there! But I believe it was worth it. I also experience those busy moments and it’s great to have coffee for the extra energy.


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