The Forest next Door

As a Mother that is almost and always surrounded with my  Kiddies having some alone time is never easy and most of the time it depends on my Hubster schedule.

I was lucky enough to have an hour to myself after attending a Birthday party and I just wanted to relax and enjoy some just me time and at the same time to feel refresh and energized.

The best place for me to  feel energized is alway in nature and thank good ness for the fact that  nature is just at my finger tips, and as I wanted to have an out of sight moment without my little pumkin screaming my name, the best Pick would definitely be the forest or in Danish Skov.

The weather was lovely and I decided that Silkeborgbad would be awsome, not only is silkeborgbad a nature friendly area but its also has a magnificient lake, Art center and exhibitions of Sculptures are surrounded in the forest.

Silkeborg and Silkeborgbad is located in the middle of Jutland, slightly west of the geographical centre of Denmark

Silkeborg is situated  at the Gudenå river in the hilly and lush landscape of Søhøjlandet.

Not only is Silkeborg known for for Denmark’s  largest forest but its also has loads of  Lakes.

The lakes between Silkeborg and Ry  are linked by Gudenå river, which is known in Danish as Silkeborg Søerne in English Silkeborg lakes.


9 thoughts on “The Forest next Door

    1. Socamom thank you 😊 for the compliment and as a mother of three that forest along with others are my life saver … like having these energy bunnies a little nature and alone time is very therapeutic… take a visit then I could share my forests with you 😊


  1. What a beautiful area! This is exactly the kind of place I would want to go to relax. Either a forested lake or a private beach. Perfect getaway!

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